Hexy 2.0

... well possibly Hexy 1.01.

After Hexy's demos at the Big Bang Fair it became apparant that Hexy's writing wasn't up to all that. It seemed like this was due to his feet slipping about relative to the pen; more grip was clearly needed!

So here comes Hexy's first upgrade. Better socks give his feet more grip. The plastic dust-caps were removed and replaced with a small patch of neoprene (yep, the stuff that wetsuits are made from) whipped in place with some fishing line.

Unfortunately, I forgot to do a control test before hand to measure the old feet friction relative to the new feet. Perhaps I'll get around to doing this measurement, but needless to say: Hexy is a lot more sure on his feet now!

Hexxy's upgrades

Because of the spares bought for Hexy he could also have some of his servos replaced: we can rebuild him, we have the technology*. Notice the shiny blue box on the right of the photo above, that's a metal-geared micro-servo. Hexy should now be less susceptible to injury. Huzzah!

Apart from when I've had a few glasses of wine :(

*ask your parents.

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Hexy's First Words

In order for Hexy to understand how to write, he had to be taught the alphabet. There are many ways to skin a cat and I figured that the easiest way to record the required letter paths was for me to write up some Matlab code. Pretty straightforward stuff, just lets the user click through the points that define a letter, which is then written to a text file as a Python if-elif statement.

NB I'm aware that this isn't an open-source offering (Matlab is a commercial product), but I'm no good with Python GUIs. If someone would like to port this, please be my guest :)

Once the if-elif statement has been generated, just needed to be packaged with my full robot IK code and made to step through a string, letter by letter.

The fully modified PoMoCo can be downloaded from my GitHub repo. It's not especially efficient with the code or packaged in a sensible manner, but it does muddle by to demonstrate the required functionality.

So here it is. Hexy writing his first words:

Now I know that a good metric for the simplicity of a programming language is the ease at which you can make a Hello World program. In the case of Hexy, I've got to admit it's fairly tricky. It's taken me two months to get to this stage and even so, Hexy as a console output method isn't great. Don't get me wrong, it's not as hard as Malbolge, but this really doesn't feel like Hexy's calling.

If you'd like your very own signed postcard by Hexy, please get in touch!

Hexy Gets Schooled

Through a colleague in the office, Hexy got invited to present at a local primary school. With three groups of children coming to see Hexy ranging in ages from 3-4 up to 9-10 years old, Hexy would have his work cut-out to keep everyone entertained.

I was introduced to everyone as "Robot Rob" for the day and demonstrated Hexy's muscles (servos), and brain (microcontroller), which seemed to provoke some interest in the young minds. What really got everyone going was the dancing though, I was even super impressed by one young lad who recognised the Thriller dance - even though he was only 4!

Hexy even had his first go at writing his name (fairly unsuccessfully), but the children forgave his poor handwriting as he was so young (only two months). In all, everyone seemed to be impressed/ inspired by what Hexy could do, the children has a few suggestions of what robots could do in the future (heavier on Gangnam-Style, light on surgical robots).

Fun day.

PoMoCo Demo Teaser

Have learned enough about Python Tk to have redrawn the PoMoCo interface and put up some child-friendly icons on the buttons. Code behind it mostly already exists, just needs to be integrated. That's this weekend and next weekend's jobs. Watch this space!

New layout preview of PoMoCo software

New layout preview of PoMoCo software

Hexy Got Hurt!

Whoops. Hexy got hurt. Maybe he's showing his age, maybe I'd had a beer and was demonstrating Hexy's latest tricks to my friends. Either way Hexy's hurt his hip and a knee :(

His hip was entirely my fault. Usually I'll move Hexy's legs about when he's not powered his servos so that I can access parts of him, this time (of course) the servos weren't off. Grabbing a leg and rotating a hip: bad idea.

A few moments later, Hexy was doing a very good job at reversing. Reversing so well that he nearly fell off the coffee table. This quite abrupt movement knackered a knee joint.

Fortunately, these servos can be easily fixed. The gear chain that translates the high-speed low-torque motor to a low-speed high-torque output is a user-serviceable part. A spare set of gears will cost you about 75p. Bargain.

Half an hour later and Hexy's rebuilt with centred servos! Pretty painless really. Good to know he's back in action.

Big Bang Fair - TODO list

Hmm, got me a little over a month to get Hexy ready for the Big Bang Fair, and I keep thinking of things that I need to get done. Figured I should make a list and check things off as I go.

  • Repair Hexy
  • Take some photo> and produce a postcard to give out
  • Record letter shapes for a Hexy writing library
  • Re-jig PoMoCo to minimise the interface
  • Order spares/ repairs
  • Add button to interface to allow custom signatures
  • Implement code behind fancy new buttons
  • Automate "Kill-All" servo control to limit damage opportunities (FAILED, ran out of time)
  • (optional) Move IK code from Moves folder into Hexapod class (FAILED, ran out of time)