Hexy will have a friend!

Those clever folks over at Arcbotics have undoubtedly been up late and working very industriously of late. From the makers of our beloved Hexy, they have just started a new Kickstarter campaign for a little robot called Sparki.

Top-Front-Side with Logo copy


Sparki is set up to work straight out of the box (3D printed, no less), with a stack of sensors and tricks that it can play. This simple, entry level robot is more aimed at education than Hexy, and even cheaper to boot.

I've backed it. You should too. They could swarm together. It'll be awesome.

Fear not though, Hexy is not forgotten. He's still got plenty of tricks to learn and more excellent videos to post. Incidentally, Hexy has gotten me over two thousand total views of the stuff that I've uploaded to YouTube. Not too bad. The Thriller video has gotten nearly 1,000 view just by itself, although I suspect that this might have something to do with Arcbotics' enthusiasm for this particular vid:

I wonder how Hexy and Sparki could be made to work together? Any suggestions/ thoughts?

Final comment about the new robot on the block though: Hexy was writing even before Sparki was born. Don't know what the little upstart thinks they're doing trying to show off on their Kickstarter page. Bah! ;)