Hexy Learns to Hold a Pen

Current project to teach Hexy to write his name is progressing nicely. Whilst the full robot inverse-kinematics is progressing, sometimes my brain can get too full of maths. Best fix I've found for this is tinkering in my garage. Hexy want to learn to write; Hexy must hold a pen.

Most of the credit here goes to the bright young mechanical engineers in my office that came up with a beautifully elegant scheme for hold the pen. As always with these things, the simplest ideas are always the best. Designing using the K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Stupid) has always been something that I have to work very hard at, but these fine minds steered me to something that anyone with access to a hardware store and some basic tools can replicate.

Have a look through the following gallery. Hopefully there's enough detail here for others to reproduce this design should they desire. If something's not too obvious, please let me know and I'll add some details.