Hexy has a Photoshoot

Prior to the Big Bang Fair, Hexy has had to look his best for his first ever studio photo session.

I've put these shots together as desktop wallpapers for people to download and use. If you'd like a full resolution copy of these images for any other usage, please get in touch and I'll send them over.

2 thoughts on “Hexy has a Photoshoot

    • Recently: slowly.

      Have had to concentrate on generating images and spare hardware for the Big Bang Fair which is coming up. Currently recoding the GUI in PoMoCo to reduce complexity for demonstration.

      Writing specifically: I have a "working" hard coded stylised "X" already. It does work, but it's untidy at best. Have also used some Matlab to trace out all the letter forms that Hexy will need to write complete word. Now need to integrate the generated Python code with the new GUI. Code/ videos should start to appear within a week or so.

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