Hexy Got Hurt!

Whoops. Hexy got hurt. Maybe he's showing his age, maybe I'd had a beer and was demonstrating Hexy's latest tricks to my friends. Either way Hexy's hurt his hip and a knee :(

His hip was entirely my fault. Usually I'll move Hexy's legs about when he's not powered his servos so that I can access parts of him, this time (of course) the servos weren't off. Grabbing a leg and rotating a hip: bad idea.

A few moments later, Hexy was doing a very good job at reversing. Reversing so well that he nearly fell off the coffee table. This quite abrupt movement knackered a knee joint.

Fortunately, these servos can be easily fixed. The gear chain that translates the high-speed low-torque motor to a low-speed high-torque output is a user-serviceable part. A spare set of gears will cost you about 75p. Bargain.

Half an hour later and Hexy's rebuilt with centred servos! Pretty painless really. Good to know he's back in action.