Hexy Gets Schooled

Through a colleague in the office, Hexy got invited to present at a local primary school. With three groups of children coming to see Hexy ranging in ages from 3-4 up to 9-10 years old, Hexy would have his work cut-out to keep everyone entertained.

I was introduced to everyone as "Robot Rob" for the day and demonstrated Hexy's muscles (servos), and brain (microcontroller), which seemed to provoke some interest in the young minds. What really got everyone going was the dancing though, I was even super impressed by one young lad who recognised the Thriller dance - even though he was only 4!

Hexy even had his first go at writing his name (fairly unsuccessfully), but the children forgave his poor handwriting as he was so young (only two months). In all, everyone seemed to be impressed/ inspired by what Hexy could do, the children has a few suggestions of what robots could do in the future (heavier on Gangnam-Style, light on surgical robots).

Fun day.

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  1. Thanks Hexy and Rob. Matty loved it and now points to my Raspberry Pi and says Robot.

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