Hexy 2.0

... well possibly Hexy 1.01.

After Hexy's demos at the Big Bang Fair it became apparant that Hexy's writing wasn't up to all that. It seemed like this was due to his feet slipping about relative to the pen; more grip was clearly needed!

So here comes Hexy's first upgrade. Better socks give his feet more grip. The plastic dust-caps were removed and replaced with a small patch of neoprene (yep, the stuff that wetsuits are made from) whipped in place with some fishing line.

Unfortunately, I forgot to do a control test before hand to measure the old feet friction relative to the new feet. Perhaps I'll get around to doing this measurement, but needless to say: Hexy is a lot more sure on his feet now!

Hexxy's upgrades

Because of the spares bought for Hexy he could also have some of his servos replaced: we can rebuild him, we have the technology*. Notice the shiny blue box on the right of the photo above, that's a metal-geared micro-servo. Hexy should now be less susceptible to injury. Huzzah!

Apart from when I've had a few glasses of wine :(

*ask your parents.