PS3 Controller Controlled Hexy

With a Dual Shock 3 controller (Bluetooth based) one should be able to either directly control Hexy, or possibly more likely use a smart phone as a bridge to link the two and do the complex move generation. Job for summer, perhaps. This will make taking control of the robot very accessible.

Creative exercise

Once Hexy is up and running, I have had a thought to make a parody movie trailer akin to Arachnophobia or Eight Legged Freaks. Possible title Six Legged Freak?

Smart Phone Controller

Cunning idea might be to use the accelerometer of a phone top control the Hexy's body rotation. In a static standing position, use inverse-kinematics to replicate the angle with respect to vertical of the Hexy's body to mimic measurements taken from phone.

Distance sensor

Projects to use the distance sensor:

  • Follow the leader (cat?). Use the distance sensor to identify an object within a field of view, and follow it. 1D version of a radar's conical-scan should do it, then a little logic to identify a "target".
  • Navigate a simple maze. Simple in this case being a formal definition. Use sensor to identify a wall and follow from maze entrance to exit.

Signing it's Name et al

Thoughts about the sort of things that Hexy might be able to do with some decent inverse-kinematic controller. I'd hoping to be able to implement these within an Android controller via BlueTooth.

Attach a broad felt-tip pen to the underside and use it to draw on a sheet of paper underneath it. Including, but not limited to:

  • Dot-matrix-esq representation of a QR code (could be equivalent to signing its name?)
  • Dot-matrix-esq representation of an image (main image processing handled by Android controller - including camera?)
  • Drawing based on an image (edge-detection?) so that Hexy can "sketch" your face!

Of course, all this will be determined by my capability to write some Java and do some maths to get an inverse-kinematic controller... Simplification in this case is that it doesn't need to have any body rotation of the Hexy, just lateral movement.